Hier Is Nicht Amerika

That’s the welcoming German motto facing me as I write this. Germany is indeed not America – it’s a nation of ill-informed, narrow minded, xenophobic losers.

The high point was arriving in Germany – a grumpy a Immigration official grabbed my passport, zipped it through a copier, then tossed it back – all without saying a word.

Then it went downhill. The Germans are been programmed with 2003-era moonbat talking points – Iraq is All About Oil, Halliburton’s profits, the President looks like a chimpanzee, Americans and their lapdogs the Brits are just violent bullies of harmless dictators, etc. And American deaths just went through 2,500! – a statistic more eagerly quoted than their World Cup score.

And they don’t just dislike Anglos. They despise the hardworking Poles and Turks who keep their country going, and even disdain the Dutch – who reciprocate.

It’s hard to see this insular, over-regulated and insecure nation prospering.


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