Watching Your Wallet In Germany

If you make the mistake of carrying a wallet, leaving Germany is just as annoying as entering it.

On our departure on Monday, the Düsseldorf airport security screeners, backed by a gun-toting cop, insisted I give them my wallet to put through their X-ray machine, claiming this was routine & they were just following orders. So my 8 credit cards and cash were up for grabs while they frisked me & Mrs G.

Brit and US security has never taken possession of my wallet – even when boarding bomb-threatened El Al, United, and BA flights. Probably Germans just want to give visitors a final taste of their control-freakery, but it’s risky and visitors should stash cash and credit cards in pants pockets.

Still, the airport has thoughtfully zoned off a special departure area for flights to the US, UK and Poland, with its own immigration desk. We christened it Coalition Corner.


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