The EU’s Dangerous Anti-Semitism

The EU is anti-Israel as well as anti-American. Americans can ignore Europe, but Israel can’t and that makes for a dangerous future for Europeans.

The continental nations of the EU have many reasons to bait Israel – they have big Muslim minorities to appease, their native populations have been anti-Semitic for centuries, and the Arabs have the oil. But given their conduct of and complicity in the Holocaust, their aggression has to be nuanced, as the WSJ observes ($, my ellipsis):

At their summit last Friday, the bloc’s leaders (proclaimed): “The European Union will not recognize any change to the pre-1967 borders other than those agreed to by both sides”…

The phrase “pre-1967 borders” gives some clues to European resistance. In fact, there never were either pre- or post-1967 borders — only armistice lines following the Arab attempt in 1948 to extinguish newly created Israel. At the end of that war, the West Bank and Gaza did not become part of a Palestinian state but were occupied by Jordan and Egypt respectively. Israel conquered these territories only in 1967, which is why it prefers to speak of “disputed” and not “occupied” land. In a legal sense occupation requires that the territory in question was the recognized part of a sovereign state before its conquest.

By getting this history wrong, the EU implies that the complete withdrawal to the 1967 lines would return the region to some previous state of order. Acknowledging that there never were any borders to begin with would make the insistence on the complete withdrawal to arbitrary battle lines appear less than objective.

And this leads us to the real “root cause” of the conflict. Even after almost 60 years, Europe still allows the Palestinians to dwell in some fantasy land, where, according to the degree of their delusion, they have been dreaming either of Israel’s destruction or — and this is the “moderate” view — of Israel’s retreat to what many military experts consider indefensible 1967 lines and the “return” of Palestinian refugees.

The EU’s hostility to Israel has so far been confined to rhetoric and funding Arab terrorists. But if the Arabs attack again – as they may do with Iranian nukes – the EU’s big anti-Semites may be tempted to move from anti-Israel words to anti-Israel deeds.

Germany and France aren’t strong enough to confront Israel directly, but they could interdict the submarines that carry part of its nuclear deterrent.

I hope the EU sticks to verbal aggression – it would be a shame to see all those cute European tourist destinations vaporized.


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