England’s Trust

A previous post suggested England has a higher trust level than the UK of which it is part – here’s why.

The UK has a population of about 60 million and a trust value of 8.6, making it the 11th most trustworthy nation in the world. But it’s made up of four nations, with differing trust levels:-

Population 5 million, which has its own parliament and is mildly corrupt. I’d put it at the level of its auld ally, France, with a score of 7.5.

Population 3 million and land of my fathers. Mrs G claims us Welsh have a certain slipperiness, so I’ll give them the same trust level as the Scots – 7.5.

Northern Ireland
Population about 1.6 million and – courtesy Blair – run by the IRA criminal gang. So trust level about the same as Serbia and Montenegro – 2.8.

Population 50 million. To figure out its trust level (T), use population weighing thus:

T*50+7.5*5+7.5*3+1.6*2.8 = 60*8.6
Hence T=(8.6*60-(7.5*5+7.5*3+1.6*2.8))/50 = 9.03

A score of 9.03 makes England the 8th most trustworthy nation in the world, just below Switzerland.

My English half considers this a fair result; however my Welsh half demands a recount.


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