Win Win On Terror Prisoners

This headline suggests how we’ll deal with enemy combatants from now on.

US kills 30 Taliban as Rumsfeld lands

“Guys, you’re spoiling me!”

This thought is inspired by the administration’s extension of the Geneva Convention:

The Bush administration, called to account by Congress after the Supreme Court blocked military tribunals, said today all detainees at Guantanamo Bay and in U.S. military custody everywhere are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said the policy, outlined in a new Defense Department memo, reflects the recent 5-3 Supreme Court decision blocking military tribunals set up by President Bush. That decision struck down the tribunals because they did not obey international law and had not been authorized by Congress.

The only problem with this novel approach is the Geneva Convention only covers combatants that follow the rules of war – wearing uniforms, treating prisoners humanely, etc:

…a treaty designed to save lives, to alleviate the suffering of wounded and sick military personnel, and to protect civilians in the act of rendering aid.

Hiding in civilian populations and torturing and killing them and our soldiers does not meet the definition of “military”.

Still, Congress has ruled, so what to do? Here’s Ralph Peters, hat tip Powerline:

Violent Islamist extremists must be killed on the battlefield. Only in the rarest cases should they be taken prisoner. Few have serious intelligence value. And, once captured, there’s no way to dispose of them.

Consider today’s norm: A terrorist in civilian clothes can explode an IED, killing and maiming American troops or innocent civilians, then demand humane treatment if captured – and the media will step in as his champion. A disguised insurgent can shoot his rockets, throw his grenades, empty his magazines, kill and wound our troops, then, out of ammo, raise his hands and demand three hots and a cot while he invents tales of abuse.

Isn’t it time we gave our critics what they’re asking for? Let’s solve the “unjust” imprisonment problem, once and for all. No more Guantanamos! Every terrorist mission should be a suicide mission. With our help.

I’d modify this a bit, since not every soldier will want to execute captured terrorists. In that case just hand them over to Iraqi/Afghan troops or civilians they’ve victimized.

Then the US can close down Gitmo (returning the detainees to Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, etc) and the ACLU, Congress, the Supreme Court and our fighting men will all be happy.


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