The Italian Job

Seems the Italian low trust trick that took out the French captain in the World Cup final was as I predicted.

Here’s the Frenchman:

Zinedine Zidane broke his silence on his World Cup final shame last night and insisted he had no regrets over his astonishing attack on Italy defender Marco Materazzi.

…while he apologized to the world for the butt on the Inter Milan player that earned him a red card in the110th minute of Sunday’s game in Berlin, he refused to back down, saying Materazzi had repeatedly insulted his mother and sister.

This was very cleverly done. Most Frenchmen would laugh off such sexual insults as a typical Italian bombast. But Zidane hails from Algeria, where they take such insults seriously, and his mother had just been admitted to hospital.

Zidane is still under fire from the low trust contingent:

The one consolation for Zidane amid the ignominy of his last act on a football field was the decision, taken by the international press, to award him the Golden Ball award for the best player at the World Cup on Sunday night.

But in a new blow, FIFA president Sepp Blatter indicated yesterday that he could now be stripped of the honour.

FIFA – like the UN – will be as corrupt as the average of its membership. So if its membership is the same as the UN, its president will be as trustworthy as the president of Syria, and what happens now depends on what he gets paid by whom.

Finally, here are the corruption levels of the nations involved in the matches (10 is completely uncorrupt, 0 worse than Bangladesh).

UK 8.6
France 7.4
Portugal 6.5
Italy 5.0
Argentina 2.8

I just bought my first case of French wine in 4 years.


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