Train Wreck (2)

The three Brit bankers accused of involvement in Enron just got extradited to Texas and the natives are getting really restless.

The NatWest Three have taken off from Gatwick airport on their way to Texas, having lost their battle to avoid extradition to the US on fraud charges.

The case has caused a national outcry because the three men are being extradited using new extradition rules which are not reciprocated by the United States.

So now the Brit MSM will run pictures of these guys in orange suits, leg irons and manacles (the Brits think these are barbarous), and daily articles about their sufferings in a Texas jail and the grief of their loved ones. When the entire nation is really mad at the US, the European Court will rule the extradition illegal, positioning itself as the defender of the liberty of Europeans against the imperialist Americans and putting the US and UK governments on the spot.

Blair’s government should never have ratified this treaty, but having scewed that up it should have put in the fix to get the trial run in the UK. Now it’s left to the US to apply some adult supervision on the lines I’ve suggested.

None of which is to say these guys are innocent – if, as alleged, they made personal money out of the Enron deal, they deserve serious jail time.


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