The Existential War

The Israelis fighting aggressors committed to their destruction constitute about half the Jews in the world. If Israel falls, so falls the Jewish people – an outcome apparently sought by the EU, UN and France.

In 2002 there were about 13 million Jews, and guessing at trends since then (Jews fleeing France & high Israeli birth rate) it now looks something like this:

US & Canada 6 million
Israel 5.5 million
EU 1 million (mostly France, UK, and former USSR nations)
ROW 0.5 million

It’s doubtful any racial group can survive the loss of half its population and the destruction of its homeland – imagine the 500 million in the Anglo cultures (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) halved to 250 million and the survivors scattered across hostile or indifferent nations – China, the EU etc.

So Israel’s struggle is for the existence of the Jewish people, and the EU, UN, and French condemnations of that struggle promote the destruction of the Jewish people.


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