Don’t Talk About The War

I haven’t quite recovered from my exposure to the Germany psyche, so this brought the horror back.

It’s an interview of Annan by the middlebrow German magazine Der Spiegel, from Ray D at David’s Medienkritik:

SPIEGEL: It seems that every US generation in recent history has had to go through the experience of losing a war.”

Annan: Yes, and it is a bit sad to put it that way. One has to learn from history. Quite frankly, it is almost impossible to have a sense of vision without a sense of history. If history is learned, then it doesn’t have to repeat itself over generations.”

Most Germans believe this claptrap, so for our extensive Teutonic readership, here’s a brief history lesson on US wars ending after 1944 – for simplicity, I‘ve omitted its allies:

1945: US beats Germany and Japan, founding 2 democracies (that includes you)

1953: US beats N Korea and China, founding 1 democracy

1973: US loses in Vietnam, leaving that nation to generations of tyranny

1983: US withdraws peacekeepers from Lebanon after Hezbollah attack. Lebanon descends into darkness

1983: US wins in Granada, enabling democracy

1989: US wins in Panama, enabling democracy

1991: US wins against Soviet Union, creating at least 12 democracies (Warsaw Pact, Baltics, Ukraine).

1991: US beats Iraq, liberating Kuwait and encouraging it towards democracy

1998: US beats Serbia in Kosovo, but hands back to EU, leaving struggling democracy

2001: US beats Taliban in Afghanistan, founding fledgling democracy (fledgling = a bit freer than Ghana).

2003: US beats Iraq, founding first democracy in Middle East.

So in recent history the US has won all but 1 war, creating more free nations than the 13 German Lander. And where it has failed, death and darkness have followed.

While the US was spending blood and treasure freeing these hundreds of millions, Germany neither fought nor liberated anyone, and Annan’s corrupt buddies in Ghana just liberated lots of aid dollars.


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