French Electricity

Brits believe in Free Trade, so tolerate French buying Brit companies even though the French stop Brits buying theirs. But there’s a price to putting the French in charge – they kill you.

From London today:

Another wave of power cuts could shut down parts of the capital for the second day running, energy giant EDF warned today.

EDF said high demand caused by hot weather was still putting extra pressure on the network.

In a statement, EDF said it “hoped to avoid” further power cuts today, but said: “the current problems, combined with high demand due to the ongoing hot weather, are continuing to put additional pressure on the local network infrastructure.”

Jace Tyrrell, spokesman for the New West End Company which represents traders on Oxford St and Regent St, said: “You would expect a company like EDF to have proper plans in place to restore power supply to the West End and communicate with businesses.

EDF is the French state owned Electricité de France, which in 1998:

Electricite de France (EDF) …won the battle to buy London Electricity from US owner Entergy for a total price tag of £1.9bn ($3.14bn).

Brits presumably weren’t bothered by control moving from a a US company to the French state. But then in 2003:

The French Government has come under attack for its handling of the heatwave gripping the country, which doctors say has claimed 100 lives.

Power remains critical, as French giant EDF urges consumers to reduce their electricity use.

Seems they didn’t reduce their power use enough (my emphasis):

2003 European Heat Wave

14,802 people, mostly elderly, died in France from heat, according to the country’s largest funeral service.

Many bodies were not claimed for many weeks because relatives were on holiday. A refrigerated warehouse outside Paris was used by undertakers, because they didn’t have enough space in their own facilities.

In any other civilized country, a company complicit in 15,000 deaths would have been sued to death – but this was France. It’ll be interesting to see if Brit victims of EDF are as supine.

En passant, France could stop the Middle East fighting simply by putting EDF in charge of Hezbollah’s power supply – without aircon, the terrorists will be Frit in their bunkers. Mmm.

(Sorry about the formatting – Blogger has gone nuts – maybe another EDF customer?)


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