Israelis should not be depressed by the world’s condemnation of their accidental killing of Lebanese kids paired with its silence on Hezbollah’s deliberate killing of Israeli kids. It’s fueled by a dishonest MSM, anti-Semitism, and envy. There’s nothing to be done about any of these pathologies, so they might as well get on with killing off Hezbollah at minimum cost to themselves.

The 2 day lifting of airstrikes in Southern Lebanon will allow some Hezbollah assets to escape, but leaves those that don’t without their protective civilians. They’ll be easy to eliminate, and then Israel gets a defensible free-fire zone.

Providing the US keeps the ordnance flowing, there’s not much Israel’s many other enemies can do to stop it.

With the possible exception of the Syrians, nobody has the combination of the means and motivation – the EU lacks the motivation, and the Muslims the means.

Syria is a risk. It’s army and airforce won’t survive long but – if Israel’s BMD doesn’t work – Syria can make a mess of Tel Aviv with Scuds. The Syrian dictator might think trying and losing will win him prestige and another few decades in power.

On the other hand, the Israeli drone images I’ve seen indicate that they are really world class – high resolution, high bandwidth, nicely image stabilized, and with splendid pattern recognition. So killing the Syrian leaders may not be that hard.


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