Arm Indian Friends, Not Pakistani Enemies

The administration is planning on selling F-16s to Pakistan, a corrupt nation that’s killing our soldiers and brutalizes women. We should arm the Indians to help them keep this awful dictatorship under control.

A dispute between the U.S. Congress and the Bush administration over a plan to sell F-16 fighter aircraft to Pakistan spilled into the open Thursday during a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill.

Some lawmakers say they were not properly consulted on key aspects of the plan, and raised concerns ranging from technology proliferation to political stability and human rights in Pakistan.

President Bush authorized the sale of F-16 aircraft to Pakistan in 2005, reversing a policy in effect for at least 15 years against such transfers because of nuclear concerns.

India has reiterated its opposition, describing the sale as not conducive to improving ties between India and Pakistan.

Possibly this is a deal whereby Pakistan gets the planes in return for not killing our soldiers in Afghanistan (my ellipsis):

(British Airborne Stand Off Radar) will be used to scan hundreds of miles of desert and mountains to pinpoint insurgents smuggling guns, bombs, drugs and fighters crossing from…Pakistan…

As the Taliban campaign grows in intensity in Helmand province, Afghanistan, where almost 4,000 British troops are based, the new system’s ability to pick out lorries and cars from hundreds of miles away will stop reinforcements entering from Pakistan.

But Pakistan has broken any deal:

Two British soldiers from the NATO-led security force were killed in combat Tuesday and a third was presumed dead, a day after the military alliance took command of insurgency-wracked southern Afghanistan, officials said. A fourth soldier was seriously wounded.

It’s not surprising Pakistan breaks deals – it’s is one of the of the most corrupt nations in the world – same level as Somalia.

And here’s how they treat women (WSJ, $, my emphasis):

Women who are raped can face legal difficulties anywhere in the world. But nowhere is that truer than in the Muslim world, where a few countries — including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan — still incarcerate or execute raped women. Now, Pakistan has a chance to set an example and change this despicable practice.

We’re referring to “Hudood,” a set of Quranic laws whose name is derived from “hud,” meaning “punishment.” While each country’s version differs slightly, most Hudood laws legalize the prosecution of a woman for fornication if she cannot prove a crime was committed. In Pakistan, four Muslim men must have witnessed the event, and testify on the victim’s behalf. If the woman can’t produce those witnesses, she can be prosecuted for alleging a false crime. Penalties include stoning to death, lashings or prison.

Some Pakistanis are trying to moderate this practice, but at this rate they’re centuries away from civilized values.

Oh, and Pakistan has about 50 nukes and its chief weapons designer gave the bomb technology to Iran and Libya and got a limp slap on the wrist.

So we should be arming democratic and energetic India not the barbaric Pakistani Muslim dictatorship

While we’re at it, we should invite the Indians to help the Brits out in Afghanistan – a much better use of their army than serving with the UNIFIL gangsters in Lebanon.


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