No Time To Go Wobbly, George

As Mrs. Thatcher famously upbraided George H. W. Bush before Gulf War I. If he’s been correctly reported, his son also needs a smack.

The last time:

One of Thatcher’s final acts in office was to pressure US President George H. W. Bush to deploy troops to the Middle East to drive Saddam Hussein’s army out of Kuwait. Bush was somewhat apprehensive about the plan, but Thatcher famously told him that this was “no time to go wobbly!”

The current President’s wobble has him siding with – of all people! – the French, against the objections of the Israelis to the idiotic UN ceasefire resolution (my emphasis):

U.S. President George W. Bush said Monday he recognizes that Israel and Hezbollah object to parts of the draft resolution but said “we all recognize that the violence must stop.”

His “we” excludes the State of Israel, the sole light of democracy in this awful area, fighting a threat to its survival.

The violence will only stop when the Israelis have defeated Hizbollah and killed its leaders. To stop “the violence” now just leaves Hizbollah in possession of the battlefield – a Vietnam style defeat for the Israelis and a mortal blow to their reputation.

This is the exact same shameful logic Murtha uses to call for the US to retreat from Iraq.

Mrs T. is quite frail now, but in the cause of freedom needs to gather up her handbag and head for Washington one last time.


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