Boycott The BBC

Israel is considering a boycott of the BBC – it should go further and deport them all.

The Foreign Ministry is under pressure from Israeli citizens to resume its boycott of the BBC and to withdraw credentials from its reporters due to “one-sided” reports on the war in Lebanon, Israeli diplomatic officials said Wednesday.

For seven months during a wave of Palestinian violence in 2003, Israeli officials boycotted BBC news programs, declining interviews and excluding BBC reporters from briefings. The boycott was ended after the BBC appointed a panel to oversee its Middle East coverage and to ensure it would be unbiased.

The diplomatic officials said the network had not been reporting the war fairly. Senior diplomatic officials in Jerusalem went as far as saying that “the reports we see give the impression that the BBC is working on behalf of Hizbullah instead of doing fair journalism.”

I don’t watch the BBC but noted their report on Qana by Fergal Keane, the “BBC News reporter in South Lebanon” in the UK Spectator (£):

‘See dogs eating bodies in the rubble’

There was no smell of death. The dying had taken place too recently. When I arrived they were still pulling corpses from the collapsed building. The first I saw were two young brothers of the Shalhoub family. If you have ever watched sleeping children carried to their beds late at night, you will have some idea of the scene. The dead children of Qana looked as if they were in a deep slumber…

A Red Cross man laid a blanket on the ground. Two of his colleagues cradled the corpses of the dead Shalhoub boys and then knelt and laid them down. They did this with great gentleness. Then each worker took a corner of the blanket and lifted the bundle. In this way the children were carried down the lane past the drying tobacco plants and the olive groves where they had once played. Then they were driven through the ruined town to to the government hospital in Tyre.

All very poetic, but it’s a pack of lies. Thanks to EU Referendum we know exactly how the bodies of the kids at Qana were transported and displayed – they were carried to the ambulances along Stretcher Alley, which looks like this:

Not a drying tobacco field or olive grove in sight.

As for the handling the corpses with “great gentleness” take a look at this German news video of Green Helmet at Qana (again via EU Referendum).

So the BBC shills for Hizbollah and Israel should throw the bums out. And on their way out via Ben-Gurion International, Mossad should copy their laptop drives – that’ll yield a treasure trove of enemy intel.


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