Laptop Decision!

One small positive effect of the Brit terror alert has been to narrow my choice of laptop to one. The bad news is it’s a ThinkPad from Chinese-owned Lenovo.

The alternatives – HP and Fujitsu Siemens – both lack now-essential security features, and only sell by mail order so expect you to buy blind. By contrast Lenovo has retail partners across Europe where you can try before you buy.

This Lenovo T60 has a 15″ screen with 1400*1050 resolution, Radeon X1300 graphics, 80 GB drive, excellent keyboard with built-in light, trackpoint, and weighs 5.8 pounds with power adaptor. Plus it has fingerprint reader and hard drive password protection.

It’s not wide screen, but that’s fine since screen height is more important than width for my spreadsheets, WP and browsing.

With 2GB memory it’ll be expensive, but less than the equivalent Apple MBP.

There is one problem. All the Chinese companies I’ve known are indirectly owned by the Red Army & I expect Lenovo is no different. So I’ll have to put the ThinkPad through an industrial-strength spyware audit – all suggestions welcome.


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