The British Disease

A weakness of many modern Brits in their fight against Muslim terror is an inability to blame perpetrators. We have to hope there’s a silent majority of tough-minded.

Here’s Michael Portillo, a retired Brit pol writing on last week’s terror bust (my emphasis):

…those who argue that Britain has brought terror to its shores by supporting George W Bush should admit that we have imported it unwittingly by recognising our obligations to Commonwealth countries such as Pakistan, by pursuing liberal policies on immigration, by extending asylum to those who faced “persecution” without much reflection on why they found themselves in that position, and by ignoring the activities of “dissidents” based here, despite warnings about them from allies such as France and Saudi Arabia.

More uncomfortably still for those who argue the simplistic anti-Bush line, Britain could be an Al-Qaeda target precisely because it is a nation divided and given to self-flagellation. After the Lockerbie bombing it fell to me as a transport minister to meet some of the grieving relatives. One man who had lost his daughter told me that he blamed airport security, not the terrorist. Even allowing for his suffering I can make no sense of the remark, but it seems to typify a misplaced magnanimity that springs from unwarranted collective guilt.

This view is common (my ellipsis):

A widow with ten children whose kidnapping, murder and secret burial by the Provisional IRA…was badly served by the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the Police Ombudsman for the province says in a report today.

The Brits have been defeatist before, and come to their senses when they had to. They only decided to fight Nazi Germany when it broke its promises and invaded Poland. And they elected Mrs. Thatcher to pull them out of 30-year Socialist decline when strikers shut the country down for 6 months.

So how many deaths will it take to rouse the Brits to take on their unhinged Muslims? Clearly 7/7 wasn’t enough, and last week Brits meekly submitted to being held in pens as part of their air travel experience.

Here’s a guesstimate of what would trigger Brits to fight.

1. Assume each Brit would fight if someone within 1 degree of separation was killed or maimed by Muslim terror.

2. Assume the average Brit knows 100 people, which gives 10,000 at 1 degree of separation.

3. With a population of 60 million, that gives a trigger of 6,000 killed or maimed. The 7/7 attack killed and maimed about 600 people, so we’re talking ten 7/7 attacks to get the Brits to fight.

4. These would need to be concentrated – we saw after both 7/7 and 9/11 that people forget quickly, so these 10 attacks would need to be concentrated into a single year.

If they’re smart the Muslim killers won’t go for this level of violence, but follow the example of the IRA. Over a 30-year period the IRA killed 1,800 Brits and maimed another 20,000 – a total of 22,000. That got them all of their political objectives for 783 victims a year – a bit more than one 7/7.

So if the Muslims keep the attack level at one or two 7/7s a year over many years they should expect to get what they want – control of Brit foreign policy and imposition of Sharia law in areas they designate.

On the plus side, I know plenty of Brits who are getting really mad, so nothing is pre-ordained.


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