Casualties Of The First Photoshop War

Gal Mor at Ynet News says the victims MSM forgery and staging are the weak – and of course the MSM.

…over time, the weak party to the war will pay the price for the forgery, after human sensitivity to its pain will be dulled. This is tragic because the Lebanese people did suffer in the last war and many experienced genuine, non-doctored bereavement and destruction.

In the future, even when genuine photos from wars will be distributed, it’s likely that the other side will plant changes in them and redistribute them in order to undermine their credibility and make audiences doubt them, as part of a propaganda war.

Once those insights are internalized, and the general public knows that it can no longer believe what it sees, a photo will no longer be worth a thousand words – it won’t even be worth one word.

The London Times is another casualty – here’s their Diplomatic Editor describing yesterday’s burial at Qana (my emphasis):

“They brought up the bodies of 26 civilians, men, women and children, and four Hezbollah fighters for a ceremony that was very carefully choreographed by Hezbollah…

There are also the four Hezbollah fighters being buried, who were killed in separate actions. One of them, who was called Hassan, appears to have been some kind of local commander. His photo is plastered all over town…”

There’s no way the reporter can know that the Hezbollah fighters were killed in “separate actions”. But in making that statement, he promotes the Qana narrative that we now know to be faked.

Hezbollah in Qana launched hundreds of missiles at Israel and its counterstrike was to stop them doing that. So it’s relevant to know if the men launching the rockets were killed in the same strike as the kids.

But the London Times cares not and feeds us Hezbollah propaganda – making that paper another casualty of the Photoshop Wars.


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