Edgware Road Station: Past, Present And Future

Blair has proved to be a wimp at banning terrorists – here’s the latest example.

About 13 months ago, we walked past London’s Edgware Road Tube station. It was 2 hours after the 7/7 bombs detonated – we didn’t know that at the time.

We passed one block from a local store that staff had converted it into a field hospital. Beneath our feet rescue workers were struggling in the hell of fire, smoke, and blood.

We missed this scene:

The woman is…a 24-year old barrister who suffered facial burns during the attack on the Edgware Road Tube station. She is depicted being led to safety by…a former firefighter, who had given her first aid and placed a gel mask on her face to soothe her burns.

Yesterday, Edgware Road Tube Station was the scene of a rather different event (my ellipsis):

Date: Saturday 19th August
Gather at Edgware Road Tube station 2pm
March to U.S. Embassy for Rally

The march was by supporters of:

.. Hizb ut-Tahrir (that has) called for the establishment of a caliphate, ‘so that the armies of Islam could be unleashed on Israel and America’.

Their banners said “We Are All Hezbolla”:

This group is:

…banned in many Arab countries, but permitted to operate in the more liberal UAE, Lebanon and Yemen. It is banned in Germany and Russia, and throughout the former Soviet Union states of Central Asia. It survived a ban in Australia after clearance from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

On August 5, 2005, Tony Blair announced the British government’s intention to ban the group in the United Kingdom, although it is believed that he shelved the ban after warnings from police, intelligence chiefs, and civil liberties groups that it is a non-violent group, and driving it underground could backfire.

This “non-violent group” supports the war criminals that have indiscriminately rocketed Israeli cities.

So now Blair must ban it, to prevent more slaughter in Edgware Road Station.


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