Our Primitive Enemies

The al Queda attacks on Western civilians starting have all used primitive technologies – I built better at age 13*. So although Iran and Syria supplied very advanced Russian weapons to Hizbollah, they’re scared to give them killers of non-Jewish Westerners. We can build on their fear.

The September 11, 2001 attacks used no technology, just exploiting the vulnerability of an open society that welcomes visitors.

The March 11, 2004 Madrid attacks used either ETA compressed dynamite or a commercially available explosive.

The July 7, 2005 attacks used bulky and inefficient bombs made from bleach, drain cleaner and acetone paint thinner.

A fog of misinformation surrounds the August 10, 2006 plot, but I suspect the bombers planned to use nitroglycerine.

The German train bombers used propane gas tanks that didn’t detonate.

Meanwhile the Mullahs gave Hezbollah an enormous Russian arsenal, including the Kornet laser guided anti-tank weapon.

This tells us:

1. Al Queda – like all Muslim societies – is technically weak.

2. Iran, Syria and Russia don’t want to pay the price of being caught supplying terrorists who kill non-Jewish Westerners.

That means the terrorist threats to our societies, although serious, aren’t likely to cause tens of thousands of deaths.

And that we must help Israel impose real pain on Russia, Syria and Iran for their Jew-killing activities.

* As any parent knows, 13-year-old boys are horrors. I built a surface-to-surface rocket to take out an ice-cream van that disturbed my leisure time by playing “Greensleeves” at high volume a block away. The weapon used innovative acoustic homing, a novel warhead containing 5 gun cotton fuelled bomblets that penetrated 3’ into masonry, contact fusing, and had a 200-yard range. It all worked nicely except for the booster, but fortunately for the ice-cream vendor – and me – before I got it to burn consistently, Girls became a more pressing interest).


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