The Eight Enemies Of Israel

Israelis are realists, and will act on a rational calculation of those seeking their nation’s destruction. Here’s my guess of their conclusions – tomorrow I’ll suggest how it may destroy or undermine these enemies.

This list is ranked by the level of the threat to Israel’s existence, with the most serious first.

Enemy 1: Oil

Without the billions of dollars oil brings into the treasuries of Israel’s enemies, they wouldn’t be able to build nukes, buy fancy weapons, or sustain significant populations.

Enemy 2: Russia

Without Russia, Israel would be safe. Russia (and its Soviet predecessor) has armed Israel’s enemies since the 1970s, and supplied them with intelligence and satellite intell since 1973. It’s said to have nukes targeting Israel.

It supplied Iran, Syria and Hizbollah with an enormous modern arsenal, including its best anti-tank missiles.

Russia is blocking UN sanctions to stop the Mullahs building their bomb, and defending the bomb manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art air defenses, which may be good enough to take down Israel’s second-strike cruse missiles.

Enemy 3: Iran

Most would put Iran top of this list, but without oil dollars and Russian weapons Iran would be just another MidEast dump.

Enemy 4: Syria

Syria is the enemy next door, armed to the teeth with Russian weapons paid for by Iranian oil dollars. It’s the master of Hizbollah, providing it with all of its weapons and logistics, plus support bases outside of Lebanon.

Syria has three brigades of surface-to-surface missiles, capable of hitting any target in Israel and likely tipped with highly toxic Sarin, VX gas, mustard gas, anthrax, botulinum toxin, and Ricin. It’s said to have agreed to hide Iranian nuclear materials in the (unlikely) event of UN sanctions.

Enemy 5: The Western MSM

The Western MSM distorts its news coverage to limit Israel’s ability to defend itself. The MSM uses selective reporting, forgery, staging and simple dishonesty. A few thousand individuals, some local Muslims but most based in Western cities – notably London, Paris and New York – are responsible for the distortion. Their most recent success was to shut down Israel’s campaign in Lebanon.

Enemy 6: The UN

In all of Israel’s wars, the UN forced it to cease operations before its forces had won decisive victories, so guaranteeing future wars. UN “peacekeepers” stepped out the way when Israel’s enemies were ready to mount invasions and were complicit in terror attacks on Israel. In the Lebanese conflict, the UN published daily details of Israeli troop movements – but not those of Hizbollah.

Enemy 7: The US State Department and British Foreign Office

Both institutions are “Arabist”, and in the recent conflict supplied state-of-the-art equipment to Hizbollah, and investigated Israel’s’ use of cluster bombs. Politicians notionally control both organizations, but this provides a humorous primer on how state employees control their political masters.

Enemy 8: Pakistan

The head of Pakistan’s nuke program gave the Mullahs the means to wipe out Israel. The Pakistani government did not sanction him, and is probably providing technical support for the Iranian centrifuge program.


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