Sharia Law

On August 19, Muslims marched from from London’s Edgware Road station, where one year earlier their co-religionists committed mass murder. The marchers demanded sharia law, and now a brave woman tells us exactly what that is.

This story is via LGF, and involves two sources that I’d not trust to tell the time – the BBC and Guardian – proving that flowers can grow in ordure.

The woman producer of a BBC documentary on the Mullah’s killing of a kid tells how she traveled to Iran and collected video and interviews. She risked the torture, rape and murder Iranian cops inflict on western women.

Her story is here, and includes these details of sharia law:

Under sharia law, the age of criminal responsibility
for a girl is nine (for boys it is 15). A girl of nine can be tried and sentenced in the same way as a man of 40.

According to sharia law, execution for sex outside marriage should be by stoning, but shortly after the revolution, the Iranian authorities took to hanging people from cranes no matter what the crime.

In Britain, the standard of proof needed for conviction is “beyond reasonable doubt”. In sharia law it is “the knowledge of the judge”.

Blair’s government has refused to criminalize the organization that demands this barbarism, so its supporters can march through London at their pleasure. But hopefully I’ll encounter them on my next visit.


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