Blair’s Last Sacrifice

A benign interpretation of Tony Blair’s saying he’ll be gone in 12 months is he’s taking a hit for the nation. By staying on he paralyzes the body politic and leaves the military, the cops and MI5 to mop up the bad guys. And he’s preventing a populist successor dumping Israel and the historic UK/US alliance.

Blair has consistently said that Islamic nutters with nukes pose an existential threat to the West, that Israel is our front line of defense against them, and the US is the West’s best hope of victory.

Unfortunately, left to themselves Brits would appease that threat, abandon Israel, and dump the US alliance. Here’s more of the recent shameful poll of Brit public opinion (my ellipsis):

…73 per cent believe that “the British Government’s foreign policy, especially its support for the invasion of Iraq and refusal to demand an immediate ceasefire by Israel in the recent war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, has significantly increased the risk of terrorist attacks on Britain”.


….62 per cent agree that “in order to reduce the risk of future terrorist attacks on Britain the Government should change its foreign policy, in particular by distancing itself from America, being more critical of Israel and declaring a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq”.

…52 per cent believe that “even though there is no justification for terrorism, the British Government’s foreign policy, especially towards Iraq and the recent attacks on Lebanon by Israel, is anti-Muslim and it is understandable that many Muslims are offended by it”

(Two thirds disagree) that (airport) security checks should be “particularly focused on people who appear to be from the same ethnic or religious background as previous terrorists, rather than treating everyone as if they represent an equal risk”.


…63 per cent believe that “Muslim extremists hate democracy and the Western way of life, and if Britain’s foreign policy were different they would find another excuse for their terrorist activities”.

So Brits are confused – they think if they dump allies & cut and run they’ll be safe, but that Muslim terrorists will kill them anyway.

The danger is that Blair’s successor, beholden to the increasingly hard left Labour Party, will use this sentiment to advance its anti-Semitic and anti-American agendas.

And that would leave the Brits alone (forget the EU) facing a remorseless enemy.

So I think Blair wants to freeze the game until Brits get rational. It’s a fair bet – Islamic terrorists will likely stage more hits, and 1939 showed Brits under serious threat quickly quit appeasing.

Blair will have a horrible time during the interregnum – friends will desert him, enemies will treat him with contempt, and he’ll be constantly attacked by the MSM. And he’ll have no power to get things done. So if this diagnosis is right, he deserves a medal.

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