Reasons To Be Cheerful

Political trends in democracies don’t continue indefinitely – when enough voters become unhappy, they change things. Using the example of Canada here are some predictions.

Until last year Canada was controlled by a lefty elite. Then voters elected a right wing minority government which has gone from strength to strength. Now the Canada of Vimy Ridge, the Dieppe Raid and Juno Beach is back:

The Canadian Senate’s Standing Committee on National Security and Defense stated in a major report released Thursday that Canada should become a partner in U.S. ballistic missile defense.

Now some predictions.

The US

Conventional wisdom* says the Dems will control Congress in 3 weeks time, and an isolationist Dem President may follow.

That will be tough for Americans, who will be sharply reminded why socialism is a bad idea.

But an isolationist America will be good for the free nations of the world. They’ll now have to protect themselves – a healthy improvement on their current adolescent whining and sulking.

And without a prosperous US to feed off, Russia and China may moderate their predatory behavior.

* Which is rarely right.

The UK

Is where Canada was 10 years ago – stuck with an incompetent liberal elite. That’s happened before (page 10, hardback):

…in 1933…the Oxford Union Debating Society passed its notorious resolution…that “Under no circumstances will this house fight for King and Country”.

(Later) Erich Von Richthofen wrote ‘…no other factor influenced Hitler more and decided him on his course than (that resolution), coming from what was assumed to be the intellectual elite of your country.

But when things got tough, the Brits elected Churchill, who briskly cleaned up the institutions of the state.The Brit MSM is beginning to face the undermining of their institutions, and eventually voters will get themselves a Churchill or Thatcher.


With the
death of non-proliferation, nations will adopt the tried and trusted Mutual Assured Destruction that saw us safely through the Cold War.

Japan will probably take the lead. Its military expenditure is capped at 1% of GNP but even at that level the
Japanese military equals China’s. Expect that 1% to rise and a rapid deployment of nukes.

Then a heavily armed democracy will police the Far Eastern dictators.

South Korea

Will also build nukes quickly:

In less than a week since North Korea claimed to have tested a nuclear weapon, public opinion in the South has turned sharply against a South Korean policy of engaging the enemy in the belief it will eventually bring peace on the divided peninsula.

A…newspaper poll, several days after the reported nuclear test Monday, found 78 percent of respondents thought South Korea should revise its policy, and 65 percent said South Korea should develop nuclear weapons to protect itself.


Its next government will announce a MAD policy against Iran, and freed of
arm-twisting by the now-isolated lefties in State Department it may even achieve a pragmatic solution to the Palestinian problem.


Absent the US nuclear shield, Germans will feel a tad exposed to Russian blackmail – it’ll be interesting to see what a BMW-style nuclear weapon looks like.


This robust nation won’t tolerate nuclear-armed bullies in its neighborhood, and can easily build nukes – the Brit weapons were tested there.


If the coalition withdraws, it will probably split into a rich Kurdish democracy, an impoverished Sunni dictatorship and an Iranain Shiite province targeted by Israeli nukes.

What’s not to like?


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