A Morality Test For Ms Rice

Ms. Rice’s State Department has been investigating Israel’s use of cluster munitions against Hizbollah rocket sites. Now it turns out those sites were firing cluster bombs at Israeli civilians. Ms Rice should set the record straight.

State’s investigation:

The State Department is investigating whether Israel misused US-made cluster bombs in civilian areas of Lebanon.

“We are definitely looking into these allegations, and we’ll see where they lead,” State Department spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said Friday. The inquiry will determine whether the munitions were used, and if so how, Gallegos said.

Israel said it was forced to hit civilian targets in Lebanon because Hezbollah fighters were using villages as a base for rocket-launchers aimed toward Israel.

It’ll be interesting to see how State reacts to this news:

Hizbullah fired cluster munitions into Israeli civilian populated areas during the recent war in Lebanon, Human Rights Watch reported on Thursday.

The human rights organization, which heavily criticized IDF action during the war, released a statement confirming that the terrorist organization fired ‘Chinese-made type-81 122mm’ rockets “into civilian areas in northern Israel.”

So the unexploded cluster munitions discovered in Lebanon after the war were possibly debris from Hizbollah type-81s destroyed by Israeli air strikes. And its anyway clear that if Israel did use the cluster munitions, it was quite justified in so doing.

Secretary Rice should do the decent thing and announce State’s invetigation has exonerated Israel, perhaps adding:

“The Israeli people deserve a better life … free of the humiliation of death and mutilation inflicted by homicidal neighbors.”


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