This Sceptred Isle

Mark Steyn argues in his new book that Europe as it currently exists will be gone in a generation. I agree, but believe Brit society will survive on its island fortress.

Steyn predicts the declining, welfare-enfeebled native European populations will succumb to fast-breeding Muslim immigrant communities, producing a string of impoverished nations governed by Sharia law.

With the right leadership, the Brits can avoid this fate. Their population is growing, mostly due to immigration from non-Muslim countries (all those Polish plumbers), and the English Channel will separate them from the messy and violent continental collapse.

This measure will help:

(July 24, 2006) A large number of British troops could be pulled out of bases in Germany under plans put forward by the government.

Armed forces minister Adam Ingram announced he was considering moving the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (Arrc) headquarters to the UK.

Two of the Arrc’s support brigades could also be moved out, he said.

That’s now accelerated (my ellipsis):

(15 Nov 2006) The MoD (Ministry of Defense) said earlier this year that about 4,000 troops would return from Germany but following another manpower review it appears likely that a further 3,500-4,500 will be brought back over the next four years.

That still leaves half the garrison in Germany, and the sooner it’s back, the better – it’ll be needed at home.


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