Something Odd In Israel

Israelis are still being killed and mutilated by Palestinian rockets. That’s odd, because there’s a good defense available – I suspect Israel is concentrating its defenses on Hizbollah’s rockets, in preparation for the next war.

Here’s the Israeli Prime Minister:

Olmert told reporters on his way back from Washington, adding that in the war against Kassam rocket attacks there would be no “quick fix.”

That’s not true – Phalanx guns would stop most of the Kassams:

The American Phalanx anti missile system sent to Iraq, were modified to destroy rockets and mortar shells fired into the Green Zone (the large area in Baghdad turned into an American base).

The Phalanx is a 20mm cannon designed to defend American warships, by destroying anti-ship missiles. Phalanx does this by using a radar that immediately starts firing at any incoming missile it detects.

The modified versions sent to Iraq, called the C-RAM (Counter-Rocket Artillery Mortar) system has had it’s software modified to detect smaller objects (like 82mm mortar shells). The original Phalanx, it was found, could take out incoming 155mm artillery shells. This capability is what led to C-RAM. The other modifications include linking Phalanx to the Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar and Q-36 Target Acquisition Radar.

When these radars detect incoming fire, C-RAM points toward the incoming objects and prepares to fire at anything that comes within range (about 2,000 meters) of its cannon. C-RAM also uses high explosive 20mm shells, that detonate near the target, spraying it with fragments…

Tests showed that C-RAM could knock down 70-80 percent of the rockets and mortar shells fired at it.

That’s against a mix of weapons – if you just have to hit Kassams, you can tweak the software to improve the kill rate.

The Green Zone is about 4 square miles (10 sq Km), whereas the primary Israeli Kassam target is the small town of Sderot, which covers just 5 sq Km.

So why aren’t the Israelis deploying this? They have Phalanx systems, and have developed a very nifty miniature version for their tanks. They can’t be letting Kassams through to attract international sympathy, since the world’s “leaders” don’t care about Israeli deaths.

My guess is they’re concentrating their Phalanxes in the North to neutralize Hizbollah’s more lethal Katyushas – if they’re planning on taking down Iran’s nukes soon, they’ll need to suppress Hizbollah’s counter-attack.


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