The Saudi Biter Worries About Being Bit

Saudi Arabia is building a fence to keep out the terrorists it exports – we must hope it doesn’t work.

GlobalSecurity reports (my emphasis):

Saudi Arabia says it will begin construction next year of a hi-tech security fence to seal off its border with Iraq against extremists.

The fence – which will cost billions of dollars — will take six years to complete.

Saudi Arabia’s interior minister, Prince Nayaf bin Abdulaziz, says the project is part of a larger plan to also secure all the kingdom’s other borders…

Neil Partrick, a regional expert with the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit, says Saudi Arabia is particularly concerned that Saudi and other Arab militants now fighting in Iraq may ultimately endanger the kingdom.

The analyst notes that officials fear Iraq has become the same kind of training opportunity for jihadists as Afghanistan was previously. He says the Saudis worry that — whether Iraq remains chaotic or ultimately stabilizes — these fighters will eventually return home.

Partrick says Saudi officials also view Iran as a regional danger. They hope the fence will help limit Tehran’s contract — via Iraq — with the kingdom’s own Shi’ite minority.

Saudi Shi’a, who feel disadvantaged in the officially Sunni kingdom, live mostly in an eastern province that is also home to the biggest-producing oil fields.

The Saudis have spent the last 40 years financing the militant Wahhabi strain of Islam, and have exported terrorists world wide, including 15 of the 19 9/11 murderers. They now seek to protect themselves from the monsters they’ve created.

If Saudi were to fall to its terrorists, the world’s supply of oil would tank and its price would rocket. Then the west would have no alternative but to drill for its own oil and build lots nuclear power plants – so eliminating the billions that fund the Islamic threat.

Game over.


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