Russian Advertisement For Brit Nuclear Power

Brits concerned that Putin is poisoning enemies in London should worry more about their future energy supplies – in 20 years they’ll be dependent on his gas. Fortunately there’s a way out.

The alleged poisoning:

Britain will be plunged into its worst crisis with Russia since President Putin came to power if a Scotland Yard investigation into the poisoning of a former Russian security agent leads back to the Kremlin, diplomats said last night.

People who oppose Putin have been meeting a variety of violent ends as Russia slides into dictatorship. One of the triggers of this slide is Russia’s collapsing population:

Russia has a population of about 142 million, eight million fewer than in the mid-1990s. The United Nations has forecast that there will be fewer than 100 million Russians by 2050.

Dictatorships like to dictate – Europe tasted that earlier this year when Russia shut down its gas supplies during a spat with the Ukraine:

* France– supplies down by 25–30%
* Germany – supplies down by an unspecified amount
* Italy – Russian imports down 24% (6% of total imports)
* United Kingdom…expressed concern that there would be a drop in their supplies in the near future…

Next time the Brits won’t be so lucky – their North Sea gas is running out, and their coal fueled power stations are obsolete (my ellipsis):

In 10 years, a third of (Brit) power stations will be worn out or against EU pollution laws.

But the solution is easy – build nuclear power plants:

The UK needs to start building (not designing, or arguing about in ten-year planning inquiries) 12 nuclear power stations this year.

This is the single most important challenge facing the Brits. If they dodge it, their kids will depend on Muslim nutters for their oil and Russian nutters for their gas.


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