Dutch Language Primer

The current head of NATO is a Dutchman named Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, and he wants NATO’s resident weasels to send fighting troops to Afghanistan. They won’t of course, so his plan B is for the US and Brits to cut and run from Iraq – to Afghanistan. So now we know “Jaap de Hoop” is Dutch for “total idiot”.

It’s well known that only the Anglos (US, Canadians, Brits & Australians) plus soon the Poles are actually fighting in Afghanistan.

Jaap de Hoop’s Plan A is to get the weasels to step up to the plate:

Unless nations including France, Germany, Italy and Spain agreed to drop the many caveats that prevent their combat troops from fighting in the most perilous areas, Afghanistan would again become “a black hole for terrorism”.

Absent the weasels, he suggests:

It would “of course make a difference” if Britain and America was able to draw down several thousand troops from Iraq and make them available for Afghanistan, he added.

He’s dead right it would “make a difference” – Iran, Syria and Al Qaeda would switch their victorious forces to finish off NATO in Afghanistan.

Still, at least now we know what Jaap de Hoop means in English.

UPDATE: Dutch special forces are fighting in Afghanistan, so they’re clearly not Jaap de Hoops.


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