Gathering Storm (1)

Israel is quietly mobilizing.

The London Times (my ellipsis)

..the Israeli armed forces have launched a programme to correct their failings. Many Israeli officers regard this year’s battles as a “dress rehearsal for the real thing” — a war against the combined might of Hezbollah and Syria, and possibly Iran.

A big effort is already under way to improve training in the battle brigades. “We can’t afford to send our paratroops to chase Palestinian kids in the West Bank,” said the source. “They should train day and night for a real battle.”

The Jerusalem Post:

The Givati infantry Brigade, which had been conducting anti-Kassam operations, left Gaza early Sunday morning.

The IDF was still holding a defensive posture, however, along the Gaza security fence.

Israel still as a lot to do, and I’m guessing State will block the US providing much help. So Israel’s ordnance factories will be running flat out to build inventory of the 10 different weapons the IDF is going to need.


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