The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Coalition soldiers in Afghanistan have started posting combat videos on YouTube, where the IDF posts videos of captured Hizbollah bunkers. Even the enemy gets to post too. So – just like that – AP, Reuters and AFP have lost their monopoly, and our enemies their propaganda arm.

London’s Sunday Telegraph explains how Brit soldiers improvise helmet-mounted digital cameras, and give a couple of examples:

Under a clear blue Afghan sky an enemy position comes into focus. Ulster accents are heard as one soldier asks another the whereabouts of the RAF. Suddenly, there is a roar of aircraft engines, the briefest glimpse of a bomb, and the scene explodes.

This clip tells more about the quality of Brit close air support than the proverbial thousand words.

Try browsing YouTube under News and Blogs – there’s even a funky post from the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry!


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