GOP Denial

To recover in 2008, the GOP needs to clearly understand why its base didn’t support it in the mid-terms. Instead, it’s in denial.

My ten cents is that the GOP voters objected to three things:

1. The failure to fight the GWOT aggressively (e.g. letting the NYT and other enemy combatants off the hook).

2. The failure of the GOP-controlled Congress to control spending.

3. The Senate/Presidential illegal immigrant amnesty/open borders campaign.

Here’s OpinionJournal in denial on the third issue:

Everyone knows that Intel, Yahoo, Google, eBay and Sun Microsystems are wildly successful U.S. technology companies. Less well known is that immigrant entrepreneurs played a role in founding each one–and a whole lot of others….

The piece goes on to make the legitimate case for increasing the number of visas the US grants to skilled workers. But its conclusion shows it just doesn’t get why GOP voters are riled about illegals (my ellipsis):

It’s unfortunate that so many of…GOP (Congressmen)…were more interested in using the immigration issue (in the mid terms) to help demagogue their way into the minority. They’d have been better off embracing immigration as a major source of American economic vitality.

If a GOP supporter like the WSJ can’t understand the gut distaste of the GOP voters for illegal acts, both paper and party deserve to be marginalized.


There’s a chink of light on issue 2 above elsewhere in OpinionJournal (my ellipsis):

Mr. Coburn (R Oklahoma) says…Republicans are learning some lessons from their stinging loss of Congress three weeks ago. “By either staying home or not voting Republican, many voters were sending a message that they don’t want to give the spending favor factory that Congress had become their stamp of approval,” …

Overall federal spending has gone up by 49% since 2001…


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