Amazing Grace

The Baker Commission is expected to recommend the US makes a “graceful exit” from Iraq, to the president’s evident irritation.

Mr Bush has repeatedly rejected a wholesale pullout or what he calls artificial deadlines. “This business about a graceful exit just simply has no realism to it at all,” he said yesterday.

The educated fellows at State will no doubt convert him using examples from recent US history.

The Graceful Exit from Somalia

The Graceful Exit from the Lebanon

The Graceful Exit from South Vietnam

Compelling British examples include:

The Graceful Exit from Northern Ireland

The Graceful Exit from Dunkirk

The Graceful Exit from Singapore

Just compare the benefits these acts of grace conferred on millions with the miseries inflicted by the US and Brit ungraceful non-exits from Europe and Japan in WW2 and their subsequent confrontation with the USSR.


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