Europe Lines Up Against The Jews

The Euroweasels are, as predicted, lining up against Israel. Sadly, that includes the Brits.

Blair seems to want his legacy to be a second holocaust:

Tony Blair flies to Washington this week hoping to capitalise on signs that President Bush and Congress are at last focusing attention on the long-stalled Middle East peace process as part of a solution for the trouble-torn region in general — and Iraq in particular.

The Prime Minister, who is said to be “deeply frustrated” that Mr Bush has failed to fulfil his promise of spending “political capital” on brokering a settlement between the Arabs and Israelis…

Blair’s “frustration” is a tad unfair – the president did encourage Israel to withdraw from Gaza, so providing Hamas with its rocket launching fields.

Blair is presumably thinking of Israel’s withdrawal from the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and maybe the transfer of its thermonukes to the trusty French-led UNIFIL.

Speaking of which, the Socialist candidate pitching to replace Chirac has been stumping the Mideast to impress the French “car-torching youth” vote (my ellipsis and emphasis):

Miss Royal…embarked on a hastily organised tour of the Middle East over the weekend…with stops in Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian territories and Israel…

Miss Royal…sought to put into practice her credo of “participatory dialogue” by meeting and talking to all the regional actors without exception.

These included Ali Ammar, a member of the pro-Syrian, Iranian-backed Hizbollah party, who, during a meeting with Lebanese MPs, likened Israeli incursions into southern Lebanon to Nazism. “The Nazism that has spilt our blood and usurped our independence and our sovereignty is no less evil than the Nazi occupation of France,” he was reported telling Miss Royal.

He attacked the “unlimited dementia of the American administration” and called Israel the “Zionist entity”.

Not mentioning his first comments, Miss Royal said: “I agree with a lot of things that you have said, notably your analysis of the United States,” adding that Israel was a recognised country.

“Recognized” – that’s a doughty defense coming from a citizen of the nation that did this in WW2 (my ellipsis):

…the Vichy government…collaborated with Nazism…The (French) police…worked as the Gestapo’s aid (and) rounded up 75,000 Jews for deportation to concentration camps.


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