WW2 All Over Again

Messrs Bush and Blair did the right thing yesterday – they warned the appeasers that if nuke-armed Islamic dictatorships win out in the Mideast, we’re looking at a rerun of WW2, with the Europe defeated, the Brits standing alone, and the US (hopefully) coming to the rescue.

Prime Minister Blair’s decision to appear with President Bush at the White House yesterday was intended as a signal that, even though he is in the closing months of his own leadership, Mr. Blair has no intention of backing a quick withdrawal of troops from Iraq or an imminent summit with the Iranians and Syrians, no matter what the Iraq Study Group recommended.

The presence of Mr. Blair on the 65th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor seemed to lend more meaning to the president’s words. “It’s a difficult moment for America and Great Britain. And the task before us is daunting. Yet our nations have stood before in difficult moments. Sixty-five years ago this day, America was jolted out of our isolationism and plunged into a global war that Britain had been fighting for two years. In that war, our nation stood firm,” he said.

The WW2 analogy is a good one, since Europe is very vulnerable to Islamic takeover, the US is not, and the UK is somewhere in between.

That’s because most European nations have aging and falling native populations, large and growing un-assimilated Muslim communities, lack strong cultural roots, and will be reachable by Iranian nukes. So it won’t take a lot to push these nations from atheistic multiculti liberalism to Sharia Law. Germany will likely be the first domino since it’s furthest down the path.

By contrast, the US population is expanding, its Muslim population, although manipulative, is relatively small, and about half of Americans – the Red Staters – have strong Christian beliefs. Plus Iran is decades off being able to reach America with nukes.

The UK is somewhere in between. So a rerun of WW2 is not unlikely.


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