Why Socialists Love Man Made Global Warming

The Brits just got hit with higher travel taxes by the creepy Scot set to replace Blair. He used the Theory Of Man Made Global Warming (TOMMGW) as cover, following the lead of US socialist Al Gore. This post explains the connection between socialism and the TOMMGW.

The taxes:

From February 1, (air travel tax) will soar from £20 to £40 for economy class travellers outside the European Union and from £5 to £10 for those within the EU.

The new Green Brown Chancellor also raised duty on petrol by…5.68p per gallon.

He’s a repeat offender, having poured subsidies into wind farms, which it turns out only work in, er, Scotland (my ellipsis and emphasis):

The first independent study to rate farms according to how much electricity they produce shows that wind farms south of the Scottish border are not generating as much as the Government assumed when it set the target of producing a tenth of Britain’s energy from renewables by 2010 and 15 per cent by 2015.

Despite millions being spent on wind turbines, the study by the Renewable Energy Foundation shows that England and Wales are not windy enough to allow large turbines to work at the rates claimed for them.

The foundation says that too much subsidy(that) gives wind farms 60-70 per cent of their annual income has encouraged wind development in poor sites.

In the UK, conservatives (with a small c – the Tories are socialists) have debunked TOMMGW, notably Lord Monckton, and Nigel Lawson (who led the UK’s economic revival under Mrs T).

It’s the same in the US, where the socialist Democratic party promotes TOMMGW and the conservative Republicans debunk it. Thus Senator James Inhofe’s report of the Environment & Public Works Committee exposes Gore’s “facts”, including this one (my ellipsis):

…the 48 scientists who accused President Bush of distorting (global warming) science were part of a political avocacy group set up to support Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004.

Here’s why these socialists love TOMMGW.

1. It gives them cover to increase taxes, moving an ever greater percentage of GDP into the command economy they love.

2. It reduces the individual freedoms socialists detest – for example by forcing people out of their autonomous cars into regimented trains and buses.

3. It promotes class war – for example by taxing the “rich” who use airplanes.

4. It’s promotes the goal of all good socialists – harming America. That’s because a US deprived of its energy-consuming transport infrastructure would be much poorer and weaker.

The good news is that socialist economies always tank, leaving the future to conservatives.

The bad news is the poor Brits have a wall-to-wall socialist governing elite, so face a rough decade.


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