How US Appeasers Will Arm China

Israel’s arms exports this year approach Russia’s, in spite of Israel bowing to US demands not to export to China. So if State slaps a US arms embargo on Israel, it’ll simply compensate by upping exports to China.

…Israeli arms exports stand at $4.2 billion in 2006, (triggering) concern over another possible US attempt to limit sales to China.

In 2006 the Israeli Military Industries ended the year with an all time record sum total of $4.2 billion in exports….(and in) the first nine months of 2006 Israel Aerospace Industries sales stood at $2 billion. recently revealed by President Vladimir Putin, will drop to $6 billion.

Baker and his cronies in State wants to solve the Mideast “problem” by forcing Israel to give up the Golan Heights to the Syrian dictatorship. But this summer’s attacks from land Israel had ceded shows that this would be suicidal – especially given Syria’s past use of the Golan to invade Israel.

So Baker and his buddies at State must be planning massive US pressure to force Israel into this unnatural act. Their main levers are cutting off US aid – about $600 million – and more importantly cutting of military joint ventures (a hidden form of aid), notably on BMD.

But if Israelis judge territorial concessions to be suicidal, they’ll simply junk the JVs and plug the gap in their finances by shipping modern weapons to China.

What will State do then?


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