Israel Should Declare Its Nukes

Prime Minister Olmert is pumping smoke on Israel’s nukes. However Israel’s security would be greatly improved by a clear statement of its nuclear weapons capability and intentions

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reiterated three times during the 30 min press conference he gave alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his visit to the European country that Israel’s policy of nuclear ambiguity has not changed.

Ambiguity made sense when there was a chance the UN, US or EU might persuade Iran not to develop nukes. But now it’s clear that won’t happen so Israel faces nuclear attack.

Worse, Israel’s current nuke-armed enemies now threaten it directly – Russia building the Iranian breeder reactor, and France giving Hizbollah air cover.

So Israeli strategists are planning for a nuclear war, which will at best leave Israel severely damaged, tens of millions dead, and Europe poisoned with fallout.

A clear deterrence statement might just stop this Armageddon by triggering regime change in Israel’s enemies. All three are unstable: Iran’s students are demonstrating against the Mullahs, Russia is collapsing, and the French are demoralized.

If the populations of these three nations realize their current leaders are exposing them to mass slaughter, they might just change those leaders out.

So Olmert should announce:

a) That Israel has abundant nukes;

b) That they are very high yield;

c) That Israel won’t use them unless it’s attacked with WMDs of any description, or if its second-strike capability is threatened (that’s to stop the Russians or French going after Israel’s subs);

d) And that the weapons are deployed for a second strike,

It might just work.


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