Of Muslims And Elephants

Currently both seething Brit Muslim leaders and Northern Assam elephants are under attack. My sympathies are with the elephants.

The seether (my ellipsis):

A senior Muslim invoked Hitler’s 1930s Nazi regime while attacking the (Brit) Government over its treatment of British Muslims…the head of the Muslim Council of Britain (which gets £50,000 a year from the Brit taxpayer), criticised the Government for “unfairly targeting” Muslims, and said that it was undermining their status as “equal citizens”.

He warned that blaming extremism on “a small, largely deprived community” leads to a “deterioration of community cohesion and fuels xenophobia”.

“We have been told to accept that greater numbers of Muslims will be stopped and searched and also to ‘inform on our children’. You will understand our worry about where all this is leading. Some Muslims have even sought the MCB’s advice on whether they should change their names in order to avoid remarks.

But the Brit Muslim community singles itself out, by murdering Londoners, telling us in polls that many want to murder more, refusing to observe Holocaust Memorial day, and threatening in public to kill us if others disespect their religion. In spite of which the Brits have killed no Muslims, and continue to subsidize many – including this seether.

Contrast Brit Muslims’ situation with that of the poor Assam elephants:

A killer elephant named after Usama bin Laden by fearful villagers was killed by sharpshooters, officials said Sunday. The animal was blamed for 14 deaths in the northeastern state of Assam…The elephant evaded two previous attempts by officials to kill it.

Confrontations between humans and elephants have escalated in northeastern India in recent years as the elephants’ natural habitat has been destroyed, forcing the animals to forage for food in areas where humans live.

In the past five years, more than 250 people have been killed in Assam by elephants, while angry villagers killed 268 elephants during the same period, officials said.

Unlike the Muslims – who chose to come to the UK – these noble and intelligent creatures have had their neighborhood invaded and their food sources destroyed by an alien species. The elephants have sought no state handouts but tried to support themselves, And when, starving, they kill people, they are themselves killed.

So pity the elephants of Assam, not the Muslims of the UK.


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