Keep It Up, Mr Moon!

The new UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, is changing his team to bring it closer to the average UN member – Syria.

Here’s his new number 2:

The new head of the United Nations picked the Tanzanian Foreign Minister as the first woman deputy yesterday, an appointment widely regarded as a blow to flagging hopes for reform of the organisation.

It’s a blow because Tanzania is – to put it politely – a corrupt dump.

– It’s as corrupt as Syria – CPI 2.9 (a tad worse than the average corruption level of all UN members).

– It’s rated Partly Free – same as Venezuela (and about 60 other UN members).

Still, at least she’s educated:

Her background is in law; she gained a PhD from the University of Konstanz in Germany in 1992.

In 1990 she wrote a paper on Tanzanian politics, entitled The Dynamics of Election Organization in a One-Party Democracy.

That must have been quite a paper!

The good news is that an even more corrupt and incompetent UN will be a less effective anti-US and anti-Israel platform for France, Russia and China.

The bad news is the little kids will continue to be raped by the UN’s “peacekeepers”.


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