Arrest The Brit Muslim Godfathers

The trial of the July 21 London bombers began last week, and a TV documentary showed Muslim leaders committing and soliciting multiple crimes including mass murder. The cops responded with a deafening silence. That’s a shame, because if this criminal incitement isn’t stopped soon, Brits are ready to turn on all Muslims.

The TV is on LGF here, and a summary here.

The program shows named Muslim leaders preaching directly, via video link, and through DVDs. The individuals committed directly, or incited others to commit, the following criminal acts:

Sedition: The overthrow of the Brit democracy and sovereign and its replacement by an Islamic dictatorship over native Brits (the preachers call us Kuffaars).

Treason: Praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers.

Murder: Of apostates, homosexuals, Jews and Brits.

Sexism: Stating that women should be treated as inferior beings.

Pedophilia: Advocating men marry prepubescent kids.

Child abuse: Advocating the beating of 8 year old girls who refuse to wear veils.

The crimes were committed at mosques in Birmingham, Derby, and London and the perps were Saudi, Brit, and American. They were all named and clearly IDd, so can easily be tracked and (if in the UK) apprehended.

Tne trial of the second (failed) wave of London bombers, told us this:

The CCTV footage showed Ramzi Mohammed, 25, wearing a rucksack and boarding the busy Northern Line Tube at Stockwell, south London. He turned his back towards a mother with a child in a pushchair before detonating his device. The detonator exploded, although the main charge, made up of liquid hydrogen peroxide and chapati flour, failed to go off.

This pervert and his fellow would-be killers were incited by the likes of the above, so it’s essential Brit police arrest and charge them.

If they don’t, people will deal with the problem themselves – not difficult given the Muslim custom of congregating in mosques.

Most Brit Muslims are decent people working hard to assimilate, so that would be a tragedy.


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