Blair, State Criminal (2)

Blair is finding that undermining the rule of law hurts him just as much as the Northern Irish.

There’s currently a fuss about him giving Lordships etc in return for cash contributions to his Labour party. I think this is overblown – all politicians reward their supporters this way, and absent a smoking gun, it’s impossible to prove linkage.

Still, Blair is now weak, so his enemies have set the cops on him, IRA style:

One of Tony Blair’s most senior advisers was arrested in the cash-for-honours probe today on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and over alleged honours offences.

Ruth Turner, No 10’s Director of Government Relations, was arrested at her home in London this morning. She was questioned at a London police station and bailed to return pending further inquiries.

So she was arrested without charge, questioned without charge, and had to post bail to obtain her freedom. And presumably, since she wasn’t charged, she wasn’t read the Brit version of her Miranda rights or allowed to call her lawyer. That’s dirty pool.

Still, it’ll cheer up the poor bloody Northern Irish.

The bad news is that Brits have to live with the loss of their ancient Common Law rights. As William Penn observed:

“… However, this I leave upon your Consciences, who are of the Jury (and my sole Judges) that if these Ancient Fundamental Laws, which relate to Liberty and Property, and (are not limited to particular Persuasions in Matters of Religion) must not be indispensably maintained and observed, Who can say he hath Right to the Coat upon his Back? …”


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