Twilight Of The Vanities

Brit cops are turning into political hit men as Blair fades from power. Unless the president hangs tough, the US faces the same fate over the next two years.

Brit cops are hunting political targets, leaving the bad guys to run free.

The cops are hunting Blair by leaking fantastic tales:

Police used computer experts to obtain confidential material, and are also believed to have approached Number 10’s internet suppliers to gain access to government email records.

The cash-for-honours investigation took another dramatic twist last night after it was alleged that detectives had uncovered a secret computer network at Downing Street from which potentially crucial emails had been deleted.

This is nonsense.

“Government email records” are highly protected. For example, all systems at Number 10 will be TEMPEST rated, preventing external eavesdropping. Plus the emails will be encrypted and their servers heavily protected against intrusion and attack.

If the cops “computer experts” successfully hacked this system, a) they committed a criminal offense, and b) the Security Services personnel responsible for the security of government communications should be fired.

And of course if the highly compromising emails were deleted, how come the cops know they were “potentially critical”? Anyway, this confirms it’s a political hit:

Police are expected to report to the Crown Prosecution Service, which will decide if there should be any prosecution, next month. ITV News said that charges were unlikely because of the difficulties of proving any criminal intent.

Meanwhile (my emphasis):

Scotland Yard is close to submitting a report to the Crown Prosecution Service to ask it to consider whether there are grounds to extradite a Russian businessman in connection with the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, it was claimed last night…

Downing Street, fearing major damage to Anglo-Russian relations because of emerging evidence that there was a “state-related” Russian source of the polonium, is alleged by Yard insiders to have asked police to keep quiet about the inquiry.

Actually, the cops are bound in law to “keep quiet” about inquiries except in tightly controlled circumstances.

While all this is going on, the cops have left untouched Muslim preachers who were shown on Brit TV committing serious criminal offenses.

It may not matter much if Brit cops paralyze its government, but if the same happens in the US, the world will be left to the tender mercies of the North Koreans, Chinese, Russians, and Iranians.

Incidentally, I’m not a fan of Blair – I think he’s a manipulative fantasist with lousy management skills. But I am a fan of the Brit police, and detest their degradation by Blair’s enemies.


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