In Their Hearts They Know They’re Idiots

The Canadian Prime Minister observes, correctly, that the Kyoto treaty is a socialist scheme. And his critics confirm that global warming theory is an apocalyptic religion, not a scientific theory.

Mr Harper (via Drudge):

He says Kyoto requires that Canada make significant cuts in emissions, while countries like Russia, India and China face less of a burden.

Under Kyoto, Canada was required to reduce emissions by six per cent by 2012, while economies in transition, like Russia, were allowed to choose different base years.

“Kyoto is essentially a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations,” Harper’s letter reads.

How true, although its presented by the Canadian equivalent of the BBC as if he’d revealed a penchant for snacking on babies.

Presumably inadvertently, the piece then neatly exposes the mindset of the global warmers:

Liberal MP Mark Holland told the Canadian Press on Tuesday that the leaked letter shows that Harper isn’t actually committed to climate change.

Of course one should never be “committed” to a scientific theory, since all but the most recent have been disproved, and its only a matter of time before they bite the dust.

That’s because science advances through a cycle of measurement, and theorization plus prediction – as soon as the theory fails to predict correctly, it’s discarded. Global Warming theory does not predict historic climate change, so as a theory at least it has ceased to be.

The author of this book shrewdly observes that the supporters of discredited theories always try to censor discussion of alternatives; hence even Canadian Liberals know the game is up.


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