The Eagle has Landed

February 3, 2007

Here’s the first DU post at WordPress – it includes an archive of all previous posts on Blogger. Neat stuff this WordPress!

I’ll restart posting tomorrow and tweak the template, header and layout in a few days.


Google’s Last Post

February 3, 2007

Google has demanded I register with it immediately to continue using Blogger. Since I consider Google complicit in the enslavement of the Chinese people, today will be my last Blogger posts.

Google is racing to buy users, and having bought them, to first lock them in and then make money from them – that’s capitalism.

Since buying Blogger, Google has developed a new version that requires Google registration. Until today that’s been an option, but now it has announced registration is mandatory to blog after today.

Google collaborates with the Chinese tyrants by censoring the searches of their captive peoples. Its creepy founders say this is no different from the elected US government tracking communications with foreign terrorists.

I’m guessing they’ll delete blogs that don’t register, so have archived all posts.

If I can find a less flawed organization to host this blog today, I’ll post a link.

Otherwise, thanks for your interest and support.