Neighborhood Terror Watch

Here’s heartening news – faced with politically correct cops and pusillanimous pols, Brits are taking personal responsibility for national security.

A recent TV program showed preachers in Brit mosques inciting their congregations to commit serious crimes, including murder, pedophilia, child abuse and brutalization of women. The Brit establishment responded with a deafening silence, no doubt hoping public outrage would subside. It hasn’t:

A radical Islamist cleric banned from Britain has been secretly recorded in a series of rants in which he calls on Muslims to behead their enemies and kidnap Westerners.

The speeches of Omar Bakri Mohammed are suspected of inspiring the alleged plot, made public last week, to seize and kill a Muslim soldier serving in the Army.

Audio recordings of Bakri were obtained by Vigil, a privately funded investigative group, which believes that the police, security and intelligence services are so overstretched that they need help. The non-profit-making, London-based group seeks to disrupt and expose terrorist activity. Vigil has handed the tapes to anti-terrorist police and officers are believed to consider the evidence highly valuable. Detectives are expected to see whether they can prove that some of the alleged plotters used the same chat room as Bakri.

If they don’t want to be bypassed, Brit cops and pols would be wise to act on the information from these brave men and women.


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