Sanctions At Work

The gang running the North Korean terror state has been using their embassy in China to smuggle breast enlargement cream back to their homeland. Here’s some advice for them – rubbing cream on fizzling nukes won’t make the yield any bigger!

…the North Koreans…conduct a thriving trade from their sprawling embassy compound in the Chinese capital — much of it in apparent violation of the UN sanctions.

Last week, workers were busily packing up crates of consumer goods near North Korea’s embassy for shipping to the impoverished nation. “The most popular item is Chinese thermal underwear,” confided a woman trader.

The array of goods testified to the peculiar requirements of Pyongyang’s elite: sacks of dried fish for drinking snacks, karaoke microphones, Chinese breast enlargement creams, love potions and hand-cranked lamps for when the electricity goes off.

Dried fish for drinking snacks? Still, all of these items will keep them warmly occupied while they struggle to translate “Implosion Lensing For Dummies” from Farsi.


2 Responses to Sanctions At Work

  1. Jay says:

    Ref the dried fish, they do that in South Korea too. I think it was called Taegu Pol, and it’s like beef jerky but from fish. Pretty dull when sober but with a few beers in you they were good, or at least fun to eat. In the winter people would sit around the pot belly stove and toss the jerky pieces on it – heating it softened it a bit and brought out the flavor. They also had a hot sauce for dipping that’d have you sweating in 30 below weather.

  2. Jay

    Sounds rather nice – with the beers!

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