Brit PC Cops

February 5, 2007

A previous post said Brit cops were politically correct. DU backs up its assertions, so here are a couple of examples.

First, the cops are sandbagging Tony Blair and anyone else who gets in their way (my ellipsis):

It all began when the police insisted that they “had to” launch an inquiry because they had received a complaint from a member of the public (in this instant an obscure SNP MP).

 (The police investigation’s) character is captured by the treatment of Ruth Turner, the Downing Street aide arrested ten days ago. A young woman living alone had the knock on the door at 6am and was told that she could not get herself dressed without a police officer watching over (presumably to prevent her from seizing her passport, abseiling with it down a drainpipe, belting over the back fence, hailing a cab to Heathrow and absconding to South America). Nor was she allowed to ring No 10 and let them know that she may be late in that morning. Yates of the Yard calls such tactics “shaking the tree”.

Yates is a disgrace, as are these cops (my ellipsis):

Last week newspapers carried the story of…a…shopkeeper who was plagued by youngsters stealing drinks and could not get the police interested. Then a 12-year-old smashed his shop window and spat at a customer, and Nicholas decided to – in the words of the Home Office – “take action”.

He and his son…, law-abiding citizens with no previous convictions, scoured the neighbourhood, found the lad, performed a citizen’s arrest and took him back to the shop in their car. They rang the police to give them the good news – and were arrested for kidnap.

After six months of hell, the case against them collapsed.

Every Brit I know has zero confidence in their law enforcement. Still, most of the nation is pathologically law-abiding, so a lot of innocents are going to suffer before they take the law into their own hands.