People Won’t Fight For Lost Causes

The new SecDef and his top general are is either fools or a knaves – if they’d been in their jobs in 1943, we’d now be enslaved. Now they’ll just leave the MidEast that way.

Here’s their response to the Dem cut-n-runners:

The Defense Department’s top civilian and its top military officer, undercutting the White House and other senior Republicans yesterday, said Congress doesn’t endanger troop morale by voting on nonbinding resolutions opposing President Bush’s Iraq reinforcement plan.

“From the standpoint of the troops, I believe that they understand how our legislature works and that they understand that there’s going to be this kind of debate,” said Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace, effectively taking out of play an argument that had been made by Mr. Bush’s spokesman and other top Republicans, who had warned resolutions disagreeing with the troop increase plan would send bad signals.

Joining Gen. Pace in testifying to the House Armed Services Committee, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said the troops are “sophisticated enough to understand” that the debate is about a way to move forward in Iraq.

Imagine how the Nazis and Japanese would have reacted in mid 1943 to the Brit and US opposition parties committing to stop fighting by mid 1945.

Our enemies would have simply played the time, inflicting enough casualties to buttress our appeasers. Their troops would have been energized – people accept appalling privation if they know there’s a definite end in sight. And our own troops would have avoided combat – why die for a cause that’s lost? In consequence:

  1. The allied air offensive against Germany would have fizzled – our air crews would not have accepted massive casualties in a lost cause.
  2. The Normandy invasion would probably not have happened – and if it had, the Germans would have destroyed it with their Ardennes offensive (when they had just 5 months to the final whistle).
  3. The Japanese would have pushed the Brits out of Burma and invaded India, gaining its vast natural resources.
  4. We would not have developed the A bomb – why pour money into it when you’re going to surrender?
  5. The Nazis would eventually have gotten an A bomb – today’s bomb making centrifuges were developed by captured Nazi scientists.
  6. And the world would now be Jew-free.

So, whatever Gates and Pace say, our troops in Iraq are going to hunker down, grieve comrades that died for nothing, and count the days to their withdrawal and the subsequent genocide.

The only thing standing in the way of that shameful outcome are the will and faith of the President of the United States.


2 Responses to People Won’t Fight For Lost Causes

  1. Bill K. says:

    Bush should fire all his top generals in Iraq and start looking for a Patton, a Grant or a Sherman. These generals knew how to fight wars. They knew you had to take the war to the enemy’s homeland if you wanted to end a war relatively quickly. None of them would have stood for the endless stalemate that the present day generals have apparently accepted in Iraq.

    The way to end this war is through Iran. They are our main enemy in the Mideast and must be defeated and the mullahs deposed. Until Bush realizes this he will be afflicted with these mediocre, mealy-mouthed generals.

  2. Bill K.

    Agreed. And good commanders need the right political top cover. The president just needs to announce that the leaders of any nation that kills Americans will no longer sleep safe.

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