Deceive Me Once…

…shame on you; deceive me twice, shame on me. This looks like a State deal to keep Japan in its non-nuclear box, and – like the rest of its plans – it won’t work.

The WSJ calls it Faith-Based Nonproliferation ($):

Perhaps the best thing we can say about the deal is that it is marginally better than the “Agreed Framework,” the 1994 accord in which the Clinton Administration agreed to hand over two light-water reactors and 500,000 tons of fuel oil a year in exchange for North Korea’s promise to freeze its plutonium program. Pyongyang pocketed the oil, only to demand more compensation within a few years while secretly enriching uranium in a separate nuclear program that it only acknowledged in 2002.

This time there are no nuclear reactors on offer, and North Korea will get only 5% of the promised one million tons of fuel oil and humanitarian assistance up front. The remaining 95% is contingent upon North Korea providing a full accounting of all of its nuclear programs within 60 days, and ultimately agreeing to dismantle the works. That includes nuclear bombs, spent fuel and the clandestine uranium program — which it now denies having but that the Bush Administration insists does exist…

The accord makes no mention of the plutonium his regime has produced, nor of the eight or more nuclear bombs he is thought to possess. Nor does it refer to his uranium enrichment program, much less specify that international inspectors will be able to roam the country’s vast network of underground installations for evidence of where that program might be. Bush Administration officials say that they believe that all of Kim’s nuclear activities are covered under the agreement, and that Kim will be expected to come clean in his 60-day declaration.

Although the NoKo nuke test was almost certainly a fizzle or fake, it will surely have started the Japanese building their own nukes -they are, after all, the only nation that’s been on the receiving end of them. Hence the negative view from…:

…one of Japan’s big papers…said, “The document does not mention other important issues, such as the country’s nuclear test in October, and Pyongyang’s nuclear development using highly enriched uranium. With these issues left untouched, the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons will remain even if the items stipulated in the joint document are implemented.”

Condi Rice has worked hard to keep the Japanese under US control. But it won’t work – once nations start arming, you can’t stop them. This nicely describes how the post-WW2 US Establishment quickly morphed from pacifism/multilateralism to crash thermonuclear weapons development.

Anyway, the good news is that the NoKo elite can now stock up on luxury goods!


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